Nicole Connell // Creator of Vine & Olive Design

From a small town in Alabama to the diverse city of Atlanta, Nicole's roots run deep in southern hospitality and culture. She is a lover of peonies, smilax, and antiques, and has always had a unique passion for creativity. Whether it was doodling new fonts onto a church bulletin or painting, as a young girl Nicole found a satisfaction in creating something with her hands. One Christmas she assisted her mother in decorating an old antebellum home. Using foraged greenery and winter blooms they brought the interior of that home to life, and for the first time Nicole recognized flowers as more than a part of nature. She saw them as art. Her heart is drawn to the beauty found in the light, airy, natural movement of flowers, as well as the imperfect wildness of foraged greenery. As an artist Nicole wholeheartedly believes in supporting other local vendors. Therefore, V&O makes a pointed effort to create a naturalistic aesthetic by incorporating locally-sourced, seasonal blooms into the arrangement to perfectly complement the event. Nicole is also a firm believer in utilizing refurbished and recycled items as vessels that carry their own history. Every tarnish or small imperfection shares a story and brings life and completion to an arrangement. Each piece that V&O creates possesses it's own individualistic character, and cultivates a unique backdrop for your special occasion.